1. General
1.1. Pole Dance Belgium is led by Just Enjoy SPRL whose headquarters is located in 1050 Ixelles, rue du Viaduc 101, registered in the Commercial Register under the number BE 0848 370 512. These present general terms and conditions are valid from 1st January 2017.
1.2. Pole Dance Belgium is a dance school proposing pole dance lessons in several cities in Belgium.
1.3. As soon as a person registers with Pole Dance Belgium, they become students of the school.
1.4. These conditions apply to all the services propounded by the school and replace the previous versions. Pole Dance Belgium reserves the right to change these conditions at any time, without notice, it being understood that such modifications would be inapplicable to reservations and orders beforehand accepted and confirmed.
1.5. In the event of a dispute, failing an amicable solution between the parties, the Bruxelles Courts will have sole juridiction and will exclusively apply the rules of Belgian law.

2. Registration
2.1. The enrollments in pole dance course are made exclusively via a form on the website www.poledancebelgium.be. The student commits to communicating correct and complete information. Otherwise, the registration will be automatically rejected without warning.
2.2. The enrollments start as soon as the form is available online on the website of Pole Dance Belgium. They are closed as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached.
2.3. The lessons are organized per sessions of 10 courses of 1h30 spread over a quarter once a week.
2.4. It is possible to take one of the first two courses of each session as a trial course. The booking of a trial course doesn't guarantee that the student will have a space as a subscriber.

3. Payment
3.1. Once a student sent his subscription via the website of Pole Dance Belgium, he will be redirected to a secure page allowing him to complete his payment online. In case of failure of the transaction (wrong information, insufficient balance, etc), the student's subscription will be automatically cancelled.
3.2. No payment in cash will be accepted.
3.3. The student can request to receive an invoice only if he owns a VAT number. In that case, he has to cross out "I wish an invoice" in the registration form. No invoice will be send if the request was not made during the booking. For a total amount under 50 Euros, processing fees of 5 Euros are required.
3.4. The member rate is only available for students having a subscription of 10 or 30 courses or a card of 10 or 20 items still valid at the date of the reserved course(s). Otherwise, Pole Dance Belgium is authorized to bill the difference to the student concerned.

4. Dates, hours, places and rates of the courses
4.1. The dates, hours, places and rates of the courses are those indicated on the website during the registration made by the student.
4.2. During the subscription to a trial course, the student has the choice of participating in one of the first two courses of the reserved session. After the second course of the session, the trial course isn't valid anymore and isn't refunded.
4.3. Pole Dance Belgium reserves the right to modify the place of the course provided that the new address is situated within a radius of 5 km.
4.4. Pole Dance Belgium reserves the right to modify the date and the hour of a course or a session of courses at least 24 hours before the course. If this change if not convenient for the student, he may postpone the courses on the dates of his choice within the year following the concerned courses.
4.5. It the group doesn't contain the number of required students at 24 hours of the begin of the course or the session of courses, Pole Dance Belgium reserves the right to, either to reduce the duration of the course to one hour at least without any possible discount, or to cancel he course.
4.6. In the case of cancellation by Pole Dance Belgium, without a proposal to report the course or the session identical to the concerned courses, the student may, either postpone the courses to the dates of his choise within one year follows, or request a full refund of the courses.
4.7. In the case of cancellation by Pole Dance Belgium, with a proposal to report the course or the session identical to the concerned courses, the student may, either postpone the courses to the dates of his choise within one year follows, or request a refund of the courses through reducing transaction Hipay costs of 3,5%.
4.8. Rates are indicated inclusive of all taxes. Pole Dance Belgium reserves the right to modify with the understanding that such modifications are not applicable to reservations and subscriptions previously made and paid.
4.9. Pole Dance Belgium propounds several types of discounts on subscriptions. Only on type of discount will be allow per subscription. The student is required to communicate his promotional code during his subscription. This one will be taken into account in the final calculation during the online payment. All the codes have a deadline. Discounts are never allowed with retroactive effect. If the student uses his code for another subscription or another course than that for which it was awarded and the student has not paid enough, Pole Dance Belgium reserves the right to request the difference.
4.9. The "loyalty" discount offers the student a 20% discount from the sixth subscription of ten pole-technique courses or equivalent purchased from Pole Dance Belgium. This discount is valid on pole-technique subscriptions of ten and thirty courses and on cards of ten and twenty courses. This discount is not valid on private lessons, courses out of pole-technique and the workshops. The sent code to benefit from this discount is nominative, valid for five years and can only be used 10 times.
4.10. The "sponsorship" discount offers the student a 10 % discount for each sponsored person. In order to benefit from it, the sponsor must have followed at least one session of ten courses at Pole Dance Belgium and the sponsored person must never have followed any course at Pole Dance Belgium out off trial course and initiation. The sponsored person mentions the name and first name of his sponsor in the form during his registration. The sponsor can cumulate the sponsorships in order to increase his discount (10% for one sponsored person, 20% for two sponsored person, etc.). The code is sent quarterly by email to the sponsor. It is nominative, valid one year after the last sponsorship and can only be used once.

5. Cancellation of the courses
5.1. After the 14 days that followed the registration, the courses won't be neither refundable nor transferrable whatever the reason (illness, injury, family or professional commitments, holidays, business trips, mutations, etc.).
5.2. The only exception will be allow the student who is sick or injured for four weeks or more during his subscription. In that cas, the student must send at the headquarters an original medical certificate (not a copy) within the 30 jours following the beginning of his disability. Beyond 30 days, no more certificate will be allowed. Pole Dance Belgium refunds 50% of the missed courses under certificate, provided that the course has been booked before incapacity. This refund will only given for the next subscription that the student will book on his behalf within the year which follows the beginning of his disability.
5.3. In the case of a financial refund by customer's decision, the latter will bear all the costs of the transaction, including the 3,5% of costs incurred by the online payment via Hipay.
5.4. Pole Dance Belgium or one of its collaborators reserves the right to refuse or prohibit at any time the access to courses for people which behavior justifies it (influence of alcohol or drugs, violent and disrespectful behaviors, etc). In that case, no refund will be allowed.

6. Accident, lost and degradation
6.1. The student discharges Pole Dance Belgium, its teachers and its collaborators of all accident, injury or fall that could occur during the lessons. It is the student's responsibility to take out personally an accident and liability insurance. However, the school does everything possible to avoid any accident and won't take any risks exceeding students's abilities.
6.2. Pole Dance Belgium, its teachers and its collaborators shall in no way be held responsible in case of lost, damages or theft of students's property at the place of course.
6.3. The student stands as financial surety in case of volontaire downgrading that he could do at the place of course.

7. Private life
7.1. Pole Dance Belgium respects the provisions of the 8 Decembre 1992 Act on the Protection of Privacy Law regarding the processing of personal data.
7.2. Student's data will be registered in the database of the Company and processed for the management of customer files, products and services offered, in order to inform the student of the existence of new products and services as well as for the purposes of implementation of promotional and information campaigns. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties.
7.3. All change of personal details of the student must directly be submitted in writing to Pole Dance Belgium.

8. Intellectual properties
8.1. Choreographies, shows and any other projets realized by Pole Dance Belgium can not be reproduced, performed or communicated, in any manner, without its prior written consent. If the student performs or has performed by a third party a projet developed by Pole Dance Belgium, he will be accountable to thereof an indemnity corresponding to the damage caused.
8.2. Any total or partial reproduction of the website www.poledancebelgium.be (texts, pictures, videos, design, ...) is strictly prohibited.