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I am neither sporty, nor dancer, nor slim, nor strong. Can I despite everything participate in your courses?

Our lessons are open for everyone. It is not necessary to have experience or a suitable look to begin the pole dance.
Even if our lessons are collective, each student will progress at its own pace. It will be the teacher who adapts to the weaknesses and ease of each student. No judgement is made during our courses. Our students participate above all for fun.

How can I know I can get to the next level?
To book a beginner level, no experience is required.
To book an intermediate I level, it is necessary to achieve most of the spin moves as well as the inversion, the invert crucifix, to climb and have a seat releasing the two hands.
To book an intermediate II level, it is necessary to perform the following moves without assistance: candle, invert V, scorpio + gemini, butterfly hook, flatline, flatline scorpio, ankle mount, carousel, tinkerbell, boomerang.
To book an intermediate III level, it is necessary to achieve the following moves alone: straddle up, shoulder mount, superman, cupid, butterfly extended, bird, brass monkey, pencil, marley.
To book an advanced level, it is necessary to perform the following moves: twisted grip, ayesha, duchess, shoulder mount up.

I am already enrolled but would like to change course. Is it possible?
Yes, it is possible as soon as the session has not yet started and space is available for the wished course. In such cases, send us an email with the wished change.

I booked a subscription of 3 sessions. How can I subscribe the 2nd and 3rd sessions?

You simply send us an email mentioning the chosen course: level, day, hour and city.

The course to which I wish to subscribe is not listed in the registration form. How can I enroll?

Our online reservation system manages automatically the number of subscription per lesson. Once the maximum number of participants reached for a course, the latter is removed from the formulary list so that there is no more subscription that is sent to us for that lesson.
If you can not book one of the still available courses, send us an email in order to be on the waiting list for the wished lesson. It happens that students already registered wish to change their group.

I can not manage to pay online. What can I do?

After having completed the subscription form on our website, you will be redirected to an online payement system. It is important to follow the payement procedure until the confirmation. Otherwise your subscription will be automatically erased.

If you have a worry to pay online, us advice you to try again:
-by changing of browser (Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome)
-by momentarily deactivating the antivirus
-by momentarily deactivating the cookies
-by changing of computer
-by changing of bank card

We inform you that we solicit Hipay online payement system. This one is equipped with a security protocol 3-D Secure. If your bank is also equipped with this protocol (it is the case of most of the big banks), you will be redirected to an additional step at the time of the payment. In addition to the bank card number, the expiry date of the card and the three numbers of the security code (printed on the back of the card), you must dial a temporary password (generally obtained by a device received from your bank).
If your bank doesn't support this 3-D Secure protocol, you will thus not be able to make most of the online payments. It is advised to share it to your bank because some organisations propound solutions to counter this problem.

Can I pay by bank transfer or cash?

For organizational and countability reasons, all the payments are only made online. We don't accept any cash payement.

I can not attend one or several lessons. Can I be refunded or catch up the lost course at some other time?

Our lessons can in no way be refunded whatever the reason. This is because we lock a place for you. The only exception will be granted to a student who is sick or injured for a period of 4 weeks or more. In that case, the student must send to the company headquarters a genuine medical certificate within the 30 days following the start of incapacity. We refund 50% of the lost lessons submitted as a voucher valid for a next subscription.

It is also impossible to catch up a lost lesson for organizational reasons. If we were working that way with each student, we could take a careful account to know who lost what course and who caught up what lesson, when and where. Furthermore, given that we are full most of the time, we will end up with groups of 4 or 18 students, which would be unmanageable and jeopardize the quality of the teaching.

I am pregnant. Can I after all practice pole dance?

If it is a normal pregnancy without medical contraindication, you can pole dance until 4-5 months and end your session in progress.

What's the difference between an initiation lesson and a trial course?

The initiation lesson is a course organized regardless of the session, some weeks before the beginning of the session, with the aim for you to discover the discipline and allow you to decide afterwards to book a subscription. if within 2 days after the initiation lesson, you book a subscription, you will benefit from 10€ off.

The trial course is the first course of the session. The students who choose a trial course had generally lost the opportunity to participate in the initiation lesson. If after they want to book a subscription, the 25€ payed will be deducted from the subscription. Which is logical given that they have 9 courses left to pay and not 10 courses.