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Pole Dance Belgium is the first pole dance school created in Wallonia and up to now the largest pole dance school in Belgium!

The school was created by Aurélie in September 2011 in Enghien. The idea came from a few friends willing to try the discipline. Aurélie gathered them for some lessons in the Nautisport room in Enghien. After three months, thanks to the word of month, she opened three lessons. Following the growing success, the school has grown rapidly. In September 2012, lessons were created in Mons. In September 2013, it was in Tournai and Ixelles. And in September 2014, the first school in Walloon Brabant opened in Waterloo. In September 2015, Pole Dance Belgium owns its own room in Ixelles which allows it to go on to develop in the capital and to propound new disciplines like aerial hoop, aerial silk, Acro-Yoga, pole dance for kids, etc.
To date, the school recognizes about fourty weekly lessons given by eleven different teachers.

Despite the scale of the school, Pole Dance Belgium makes it a point of honour to remain a convivial and family school where everyone feels comfortable. Teachers are all advanced level students at Pole Dance Belgium. They have followed the lessons for two to four years and are familiar with the school. Teachers are chosen for their pole dance level and their teaching skills but also for their passion of the discipline. Aurélie links between the different groups and cities. She visits all the groups in order to evaluate the teacher's work and be available for each student, she replaces here and there a teacher, she teaches the workshops and the initiation lessons, etc.

What is pole dancing?

Pole dance is an acrobatic dance around a vertical pole which coordinates bodybuilding, endurance and sensuality. The benefits of this sport are both physical (refined silhouette, enhanced fitness, better flexibility) and psychological (personal development, building self-confidence, enjoyment expression in music).

The origin of the pole dance?

The pole dance was born in fairground in Canada who used the poles that supported the tents to perform stunts. It is one of the circus disciples as well as aerial hoop, aerial silks and trapeze.

In the 50s, the pole dance entered in bars and cabarets. Strippers use it as a support but do not make true moves. The pole dance is still suffering from this image today.

In the 70s, the pole dance is accepted as a new discipline in the US and Canada as well as Australia and England afterwards. In the 90s, a Canadian dancer teaches this sport to women who have nothing to do with the artistic community and the night world. Many people will gradually follow suit.

Nowadays, the pole dance is officially recognized as a sporting and cultural activity. Championships, as in any other sport, are organized all over the world.

Since January 2014, the pole dance is officially recognized as a sport. Finally, it is accepted as an art and as a sport in itself, far from any stigma of another age ...

The next step: a recognized discipline in OG? One day ... maybe ...